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Check out just a few of our high quality products. Concentrated, strong, safe, and where the environment is concerned we are active in pursuit to eliminate products that harm the waterways as they go down the drain.

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Green Starts Here

As a manufacturer of concentrated cleaning products, we at Pro-Tek saw the need for change years ago. It was clear that the chemicals in our world were causing major... Read More>>>

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Enjoy the freedom of being an independent contractor — in business for yourself but not by yourself.  Read More>>>


This product is a 4-strain biological organism treatment that actually digests protein and organic stains with active bacteria produced enzymes.  This product is formulated to contain 40 million...



Cleaner and Degreaser - My husband works as a tire tech at the mines and comes home covered in grease, rubber, dirt and...Read More>>>

SDS Information

Check out the break down of our products by looking over the SDS information and verify the safety of it for your family, kids, clients, and animals... Read More>>>


Insect Issues - Mix your citrus rinds with half a bottle of beer, half a pack of yeast, and a quart of warm water. Let it ferment for two days, place it in a... Read More>>>

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