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Technology mixes with ecology to create the most powerful cleaners on the planet!

Our all purpose cleaning products are highly concentrated. Which  = less chemical = less packaging = less fuel to transport = less overall carbon footprint. When diluted properly, our products are safe, nontoxic cleaners capable of removing the greasiest grime and stubborn stains, without leaving a residue.

Pro-Tek is committed to the planet's health... and yours!


Pro-Tek Cleaner

Pro-Tek multipurpose cleaner and degreaser is a product that uses technology to perform at a level not seen in retail products on the market today.

Pro-Tek Cleaner is formulated with the environment and the economy in mind as it contains alkaline builders and biodegradable surfactants.  When diluteted properly it is biodegradable, non-toxic, ozone safe, VOC compliant, and it is also packadged in recyclable containers.

Pro-Tek is capable of removing the heaviest cases of grease, oils, and some of the toughest carpet... More

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Eco Orange

Eco-Orange natural citrus cleaner and degreaser combines technology with ecology providing an all purpose product for all your cleaning needs. Eco-Orange is a highly concentrated formulated with Orange Oil and Enzymes containing only Alkaline Builders  and Biodegradable Surfactants. 

Eco-Orange when diluted properly is biodegradable, non-toxic, ozone safe, VOC compliant and packaged in a Recyclable container. It is capable of...  More




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Pro-Tek Scrub


SCRUBS combine a no scratching abrasive and a low ammonia polishing formula to safely remove tarnish, rust, water stains, oxidation, fingerprints and corrosion without the mess and waste associated with other polishes.

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Brass & Metal Polish

Brass and Metal Polish is formulated to quickly and easily restore original luster and glow to all metals.  It cleans, polishes, and preserves.  Brass and Metal Polish does not contain any harsh abrasive and can be used safely on brass, copper, chrome, aluminum, silver, bronze, pewter, nickel, magnesium, gold and stainless steel.  Best of all, this product does not leave a messy, powdery residue.

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This product is a 4-strain biological organism treatment that actually digests protein and organic stains with active bacteria produced enzymes.  This product is formulated to contain 40 million enzymes producing bacterium per ounce.  It is a versatile soil/stain remover and deodorizer for blood, urine, fecal matter, coffee, tea, wine, ink, kool-aid, pet odors,  stains, cosmetics, vomit, and etc.  This product can also be used as a prespot treatment prior to shampooing carpet or laundering textiles.  Always pretest carpets and fabrics for color fastness.

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Concrete Cleaner

This is a formulation of fast acting detergents, grease, cutters, wetting agents and emulsifiers blended with soap regenerators that keep it working longer for more effective cleaning.

It is safe to use indoors and out - will not damage lawns, shrubs, metals, tile, plastic or painted surfaces.

It cleans by a chemical action, does an excellent job without leaving any film, or residue to recollect dirt, grease, or grime.  It is effective in all types of water conditions - even in hard water.  Use hot or cold.

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This product is the economical, safe and easy way to remove rust, corrosion, scale, and water deposits from almost all surfaces.  It keeps fumes to a minimum and is harmless to most paints and finishes.  This descaler acts quickly to penetrate and lift away scum and water deposits.

This descaler is a chemical combination of deep penetrating detergents and safe, easy to use, mild acids.  It will dissolve carbonates and other hard water scales, such as iron, rust, magnesium, and many other insolubles.

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Ice Melter

HAS OVER 24 TIMES THE MELTING POWER OF ROCK SALT AT 0 DEGREES F.  Tests conducted at 100% relative humidity and 0 degrees F., showed our product had melted and average of 205 grams of ice in just 15 minutes... compared to and average of 8.7 grams melted by rock salt.  hence, it has 24 times more melting power than rock salt!

Completely Harmless to grass, shrubs, trees, andimal and rubber tires.  Will not pit or discolor concrete walks or asphalt.

Leaves no messy residue to be tracked indoors.  It simple does its work for up to 24 hours - then completely disappears.

Effective in melting ice & snow down to 57 degrees below zero because of its exothermic heat reaction.  Rock salt loses its melting efficiency rapidly as temperatures approach zero.

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Laundry Concentrate

Our laundry concentrate is a unique blend in cleaning compounds. A blend of 5 active cleaning, stain removing and bleaching agents.

Dissolves oily and tough stains. Leaves laundry clean and smelling fresh. NON PHOSPHATE, BIODEGRADABLE and PH Balanced.


Engineered with imagination and originality to perform with unsurpassed Excellence .Manufactured with good old –fashioned American pride in our products.

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Reconditioning Créme

Designed for use by individuals that require a more effective lotion than other products on the market today. This non-greasy , mild fragranced formula will protect and heal cracked, flaking, severely dry skin caused by exposure to the cold, wind, sun and workplace elements that may cause workplace irritation.

Apply liberally as needed. For best results use on clean,dry skin.

Consistent use provides long lasting relief and protection for your skin.

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